Out sourcing cosmetics production is the best solution for you to produce your own cosmetics under your own private label and brand. Most of the famous brands in the world are using private label services.


We will guide you through the all process; we will custom formulate for you under your instructions and ideas; we will assist you with the textures; fragrances and new trends in the market. We will recommend for you packaging suppliers; printing jobs; designers and all what needed to launch your own cosmetics line.

When all this is done we will manufacture for you at the best competitive price available and will ship the goods to any desired location in the world.


We can formulate for you Natural cosmetics BDIH, Organic cosmetics ECOCERT, Active cosmetics, Para Medical products, Professional cosmetics for aestheticians only, Medical cosmetics; Body care; SPA lines, SPF protection sun screens, Dead Sea cosmetics, Anti Aging, Hair care, Beauty care, Hair relaxers, Hair straighteners, All the new trends including patented unique niche products; developed by us.



We will custom formulate for you any cosmetics product including full production procedures and raw materials suppliers; we also give yearly supervision and consulting if needed.


We design and create full package including technical drawings such as electricity; water and water systems, sewage; production floor; filling floor and anything else needed. We will design the production and filling capacity including recommendation of equipment, Machinery, filling machines, production procedures and formulas with ongoing yearly support. All this will be done upon given budget and in accordance with the international law and the local Ministry of Health regulations; the production flow and protocols will match ISO and GMP standards. All the formulas will match the new European directive 1223/2009. All the organic and natural formulas will match Ecocert and BDIH instructions and guidelines.


Regulations become difficult and tougher each passing year. A lot of documentations and safety assessments are required, raw materials needed to be changed and updated, percentages of raw materials in the formulas that were allowed once; has to be recalculated, certain preservatives were changed, same with colors and fragrances (the 7th amendment for fragrances). We will register your products with the appropriate authority and Ministries of Health worldwide, including all the needed documentation and safety assessment plus COA (Certificate of Analysis) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). We will register your products in Europe according to EC new directive guidelines 1223/2009, CPNP, REACH, IUCLID and ECHA we will represent you as your authorized representative in Europe for regulations (for exporting to Europe you need to have local authorized representative). In USA we will do the registration according to FDA regulations and we will do it for you in any other country's Ministry of Health you wish to export.


Natura Laboratories are operating under the supervision of Mr. Genin Oded who has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry in USA and Europe, serving as the head chemist and formulator for some of the most famous cosmetics brands in the world; creating cosmetics lines, specialized in molecular chemistry and bio-technology, creating top high-end cosmetics, professional cosmetics and innovations of several patents in this field.

Our professional friendly team include Dermatologists, Chemists, PhD, and experienced laboratory staff.

Natura Laboratories, one of the most state-of-the-art laboratories in the world is equipped with cutting-edge scientific equipment for research and produce active and natural cosmetics.


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Essential Oils


The Real Power


The Complete Book for


Aromatherapy and Alternative Medicine

   The content of the book:


  • What is Aromatherapy, Sense of smell and History of Fragrance
  • Healing, the Aura and Methods to Match Essential Oils to Patients
  • Physiology and Structure of the Skin
  • Structure and amazing facts about the hair and hair-loss
  • Essential Vitamins for the Skin
  • Natural ingredients used in Cosmetics
  • Beeswax and Vegetal Butters
  • Green Tea and the Secret of the Algae
  • Reishi and Shitake Mushrooms
  • Goat’s Milk and Selenium
  • Carrier Oils in Cold Press and their Characteristics
  • Fatty acids and the Chemistry of Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oils and Their Characteristics
  • Essential oils – The Real Power
  • Diseases and Illnesses -  how to treat with essential oils
  • Essential oils for Aromatherapy
  • Tinctures, Extracts and Infusions – what is it? And how to prepare them
  • Essential oils used in the perfume industry
  • Create Your Own Perfume and Eau de Toilette
  • Create Your Own Aromatherapy Scents for Diffusers
  • Create Your Own Aromatherapy oils for Bath
  • Create Your Own Massage Oils For Each Purpose
  • Create Your Own Natural Soap
  • Create Your Own Natural Creams
  • Chemical Peelings – how to perform? All you ever wanted to know
  • Cosmetics acids to support perfect skin maintenance
  • Nano Technology – what is it? And uses
  • Microencapsulation – what is it? And uses
  • Create your own cosmetics products by using private label services
  • Anti-aging – What does it mean and how to live a healthy life


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